A saying you hear in our company-- "serving people, not just plates"-- exemplifies our passion for service. From stocking, prepping, cooking and presenting the food on the plate, serving, and washing the plates, we really pride ourselves on not just showcasing the skills, but on having the attitude of hospitality.

We are here to serve you!

Since 1996, GKD has provided qualified, experienced, and motivated employees across Europe in the food service industry.

We accomplish this with the highest degree of ethics and integrity by continually striving to provide our customers with "more value for less", quality products and impeccable service. It is our mission to provide solutions for our clients that will enable them to focus on their mission.

Our aim is to serve.

GKD - Dienstleistungen Gerl • Birgit Gerl • Tom-Bullus-Str. 18 • 68766 Hockenheim •
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